Guide for a more Sustainable Business

Today, stakeholders at all levels and sectors are actively engaged in defining and aligning on what should be the success measures of companies: from new laws and benchmarks, to more pronounced consumer and employee demands, as well as investor expectations.

Sustainability, defined by the ESG framework, is now a concern for managers who are required to do much more than just generate profit.

In order to facilitate this mission, managers must think about the three ESG elements separately - environmental, social and corporate governance - and their sub-elements to define effective measures that impact on people, planet and business prosperity.

In this guide, we present the 9 most impactful initiatives to maximise the sustainability of your organisation:

1. Increase energy efficiency

2. Improve material efficiency

3. Create sustainable products

4. Develop human capital

5. Improve customer satisfaction and wellbeing

6. Expand sustainable sourcing policies

7. Strengthen supply chain resilience

8. Create risk management systems and processes

9. Strengthen transparency and accountability


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