Benchmark & Case Studies

Value Stream KAIZEN™ in Process Industry


Equipos Descentralizados


• Company used to improving results with CAPEX investment

• Dense and highly complex organisational structure

Root causes

• Continuous Improvement Culture neglected in terms of investments

• Numerous simultaneous projects in progress, with several departments involved

• Lack of focus and method for identifying opportunities in the workplace

• Non-standard Project Management, with ad-hoc meetings and weak Visual Management


KAIZEN™ Diario Digital

Value Stream Analysis to identify and prioritise necessary projects

Mission Control Room (Obeya) for Project Management and Steering Committee

KAIZEN™ Events workshop, following the A3 Thinking methodology

• Stabilisation Process of Improvements using Standardisation and Process Confirmation with Kamishibai

• Value Review process every 6 months and planning of the next cycle


This project generated $5.9m/year


Planned stoppages

Planned stoppages reduced by 24%.

area ocupada

Unplanned stoppages

Unplanned stoppages reduced by 18%.

valor en stock

Energy consumption

Energy consumption reduced by 24%.


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