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Reduction of Energy Consumption in the Process Industry


Pictures Before


• High energy costs: 12% of industrial costs.

• Electricity costs increasing year on year.

Root causes

• Lack of knowledge of the weight of different equipment in the overall consumption.

• Unused equipment not switched off.

• Low factory power factor (0.85).


Pictures After 

• Ishikawa analysis of electricity over-consumption.

• Process for disposal of unused equipment.

• Standardisation of start-up after shutdown, with optimum sequence to minimise power peaks.

• Installation of measuring devices on critical equipment. Consumption data analysis by equipment with launching of countermeasures.


This project generated savings of $391k/year. 

Electricity Costs

Electricity Costs

Electricity Costs reduced by 17%.

Power Factor Correction

Power Factor Correction

Power Factor Correction improved by 14%.


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