Benchmarks & Client Cases

Productivity and Quality Improvement in the Innovation Process

The Challenge

Long and variable project Lead Times


• High industrialisation costs of new products

• Projects with long and variable Lead Times

• Engineering teams involved in firefighting to solve problems and delays

Root Causes

• Focus on developing a prototypes to test, without validating feasibility or customer requirements beforehand

• Initial stages of conceptualisation and design were not adequately validated in line with customer requirements or the business directives

• Product quality problems causing rework and delays in the industrialisation stage

The Solution

Solutions services

• Innovation model design with Set Based Engineering (SBE) and design sprint cycles

• Customer insights analysis to identify product use cases

• Knowledge gap prioritisation based on feasibility planning

• Learning cycles with trade-off curves for knowledge reuse

• Integration events creation to define the optimal solution based on the learning from the tests

The Results

The project generated benefits of $4.3M

Lead Time

Project Lead Time

Project Lead Time decreased by 49%

Industrialisation travail

Industrialisation Rework

Industrialisation rework lowered by 30%


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