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New Service Model 2.0

The Challenge

Process Audit

product ticket


• Customers wait long periods of time before they are approached by a salesman (ex: collection of products in the warehouse)

• Customers are “left alone” in the store during logistics processes

• Excessive time to find products requested

Root Causes

• Salespeople do not proactively approach the potential customers in the store

• The selling acting guide is not strictly followed, resulting in several different approaches

• Many inventory items not labelled or labelled with poor visual management

• High volume product returns to the warehouse due to overstocking of the stores

The Solution

New Service Model
New Service Model 2.0

• Standardisation of Sales guide and Team Captain responsibilities

• Optimisation of logistic processes to ensure customers are always accompanied and that the products are easily found

• Design of in-store customer flows that provide the best overall experience

The Results

The new service model contributed to an increase in sales and margin of 5%.

Mystery Shopper score (%)

Mystery Shopper score (%)

The score of the mystery shopper audit increased by 30%.



As a result of process improvements, there was a productivity increase of 43%.

Conversion rate (%)

Conversion rate (%)

The conversion rate improved by 10%.


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