Benchmark & Case Study

Lead Time Reduction in Product Development


initial situation


  • Most projects completed with delays
  • High development costs

Root causes

  • Rework at advanced stages of development due to design problems
  • High complexity and redundancy of the legal documentation process
  • Communication failures between system teams (define the solution) and software (implement the solution)
  • Tests carried out at an advanced stage of development, not allowing agile correction of bugs found


final situation

  • Parallel design/preparation phases, allowing co-engineering sessions: a multidisciplinary team that defines and implements the solution
  • Go/No Go criteria ensure alignment between different project phases
  • Synchronisation of all the teams involved, to ensure the follow-up of the process, with defined pacing
  • Daily follow up of problems detected during testing and correction (continuous integration)



Development Effort (Man.Days)

Development efforts reduced by 22%. 

Lead Time

Project Lead Time

Project Lead Time reduced by 50%. 

time documentation

Time Spent on Documentation

Time spent on documentation reduced by 29%.


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