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Efficiency in Polymer Production

The Challenge

Production generated waste
Production generated waste
Water leakage
Water leakage


• Lack of awareness of energy and sub-product waste

• A lot of waste generated by production department

• Recurrent equipment stops due to breakdowns, causing peak energy consumptions and scrap

• Variable chemical consumption between references

Root Causes

• Unknown causes of the main energy losses

• Each breakdown is treated as an individual event with no use of previous event data

• Product formula prepared based on operator experience and perception

The Solution

Visual representation of critical equipment losses
Visual management of critical equipment’s losses

• Visual representation of critical equipment losses

• Creation of a control chart with real-time data for process monitoring

• Improvement to processability of generated waste through equipment adaptation

• Redesign of energy circuits to eliminate redundancy

• Reengineering of product formulas to guarantee as little waste generated as possible and efficient use of raw materials

The Results

The project generated Annual Savings of $3.3 million.

Waste production

Energy consumption

Energy consumption reduced by 6%.

Energy consumption

Waste production

Waste production reduced by 14%.


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