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Breakthrough Management in Process Industry

The Challenge

Breakthrough KAIZEN™ Audit
Breakthrough KAIZEN™ Audit

Project vs Daily Improvement Vision
Project vs Daily Improvement Vision


• Variability in achieved results between similar projects

• Inability to unblock projects due to decision-making dependency

• Lack of communication of solutions implemented and results obtained

Root Causes

• Different project approach according to different leaders

• No standard for escalation of problems/ decisions required

• Each project developed without knowledge of other ongoing projects

The Solution

Standard Project Board
Standard Project Board

Portfolio Benefit Tracking
Portfolio Benefit Tracking

• Structured improvement sprints with 6-month cycles for planning, design of solutions and implementation. Between each phase and during the implementation, status updates with top management are organised. Implementation is followed by one year of monitoring

• Standard Project Board guides project teams through a standard implementation approach and serves as a communication tool to all stakeholders

• Project Portfolio Benefit Tracking brings together all ongoing projects for a visual check on KPI results and aids in decision making

The Results

The projects implemented have generated annual savings of $560000.


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