Benchmarks & Client Cases

Autonomous and Planned Maintenance 

The Challenge

Poor initial condition of the equipment


• Low productivity amongst maintenance teams

• Lengthy stoppage times due to excessive MTTR (Mean Time To Repair)

• Complete dependence on maintenance teams to solve every equipment issue

Root Causes

• Poor knowledge sharing between production and maintenance teams

• Interventions on the equipment done with an isolated approach, with no standard or historical information

• High volume of corrective interventions over planned interventions

The Solution



• Equipment classification according to their criticality: risk of employee injury, equipment without replacement, unstable OEE and high percentage of breakdowns

• Implementation of Autonomous Maintenance processes on the critical equipment, with a standardised process to train all team members and assess their knowledge

• Development of a planned maintenance schedule, where the high-frequency activities were passed on to autonomous maintenance

• Work instructions development for planned maintenance activities, with a yearly training calendar for the maintenance team

The Results

The project had a Payback period of 5 months with annual savings surpassing $1.6M.



Overall Equipment Efficiency increased by 16% 


Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)

Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) increased by 73%


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