7 Key Capabilities for a Lean & Resilient Supply Chain Transformation


In this 9-part webinar, our Supply Chain expert and book author Euclides Coimbra lays out the steps needed to transform your supply chain into a demand-driven, agile operation.

This will lead you to higher customer satisfaction and better operational results.

Scroll down or click below to access each part.

For written versions, please access:

       Written summary of the webinar

       Webinar transcript and slide deck

Intro – Why we Need E2E, DD, Agile & Lean Supply Chains

Capability #1 – Strategic E2E Mapping of the Supply Chain

Capability #2 – Implement a Pull Planning System

Capability #3 – Create Material & Information Flow

Capability #4 – Increase Resource Efficiency

Capability #5 – Reinforce the KAIZEN™ Culture

Capability #6 – Increase Supply Chain Resilience

Capability #7 – Pilot, Assess, Benchmark & Scale


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