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Design Sprints for the Checkout Area


The Challenge

poorly designed checkout


• Uncomfortable checkout area for the customer, due to lack of space

• Low cross-selling opportunities with the current counter design

• Lack of ergonomics for checkout operator

Root Causes

• No extra support area to put down personal items during checkout

• Single queuing with lack of visual management is confusing to the customer

• Excess of products in an inadequate arrangement in the counter’s surrounding areas

• The counter operator needs to turn his back on the customer while doing the checkout operations

The solution

sketch solution and test

• Setting the stage: Observation of checkout operations and identification of opportunities

• Challenge definition and selection of a target customer

• Solution sketching: design of a full-scale mock-up

• Selection one solution and creation of a prototype: Test in a live environment and benefit quantification

• Solution testing with the customers: selection of a pilot store and definition of a rollout plan

The Results

The project resulted in a Sales increase of £4,730k per year by freeing up resources to assist with sales.

Average Service Time

Average Service Time

The average service time decreased by 28%.



The sales of products in the impulse buying area increased by 40%.

Customer dedicated area

Waiting area for clients

The space available for customers waiting to pay increased by 43%.

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