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Accelerated Product Development


The Challenge

Understand the Process' details


• Technical difficulty: develop a new, cheaper, smaller and more efficient water heater

• Extremely long lead time (28 months)

• Reduction in time-to-market essential to increase sales

Root Causes

• Planning lacking any specific details and includes only the major milestones

• Plan not visible and not known by all stakeholders

• Tasks planned with a lot of safety (buffer)

• Poor integration of functions and suppliers

The solution

• Optimized pull planning with buffers

• Obeya Room (Visual Project Management)

• Daily KAIZEN™ for engineering and testing teams

• Last Planner with supplier integration

The Results

The project resulted in a saving of 84 man-months, vertical production and market start-up.



The time-to-market for the product decreased by 25%


Development costs

Product development costs decreased by 24%

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