Streamlining Healthcare with KAIZEN™

Healthcare is constantly reinventing itself. Besides being all about the people, the digital age and legislation are now the key forces driving the current landscape.

The mission of the sector is to provide a consistent, safe service and, at the same time, ensure an economically profitable business. The biggest management challenge at this level is the transition from a focus on resources towards the creation of value along the patient flow.

At Kaizen Institute, we work side-by-side with our customers at all organisational levels to help them make healthcare better and safer for the public.

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  • Provide an integrated ans seamless experience by mapping and redesigning the Customer Journey to improve patient satisfaction.
  • Create flow in Operations, reducing process variability and boosting resource productivity to increase the rate of added value for the patient.
  • Review the support structure by optimising the Administrative Services to make relevant information available at the right time.
  • Ensure Quality in delivery through structured problem-solving techniques and auto-quality to provide a compliant service at the lowest cost.

See how we have helped Healthcare Professionals achieve cost savings and business growth:

Kaizen Institute's approach is practical, pragmatic and collaborative. We work with our customers, in their gemba - where the action takes place - and observe the opportunities first-hand. By implementing innovative solutions through KAIZEN™ Events, we leverage the key performance indicators.

We can help you define and refine your Strategy and develop the Leadership capabilities you need to execute on your breakthrough initiatives.

The contribution of the teams is key for the success of any Cultural Transformation. We organise our customers' teams to break functional silos and develop continuous improvement skills.

Our experts combine deep expertise in process manufacturing with refined analytical and problem solving skills, bringing an external and fact-based perspective to industry's challenges and opportunities.

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Find out what the key opportunities in your processes are, by conducting a diagnosis workshop.

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