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The value proposition of the Business Services Centres was initially focused on cost synergies and resource centralisation. In recent years, these services have been transformed to become more and more relevant to the business units, through learning and implementation of a partnership mindset. This need to improve quality, cost and service level is common to areas such as IT, Human Resources, Legal, and Finance, among others.

This is the outlook of challenges that the coming years will bring to this sector: ensure the most talented people deliver the best, fastest, most efficient solutions, perfectly adapted to the needs of the business units.

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  • Ensure efficient teams in remote work, overcome the challenges of flexible working hours, and select the best and most appropriate technologies that enhance and adapt people to the Future of Work.
  • Increase the tasks' added value, expand employees' skills through training and develop integrated training, evaluation and reward models to overcome the challenges of Talent Management.
  • Develop agile teams to allow for the re-organisation into business segments, and a better and faster response. The structured and frequent evaluation of the potential for centralisation and outsourcing ensures constant focus on core activities, allowing Business Services to drive value, breakthrough and challenge the business units.
  • Transform the processes to create flow in information, ensuring the highest efficiency of teams, together with reduced Lead Times. Then, support the new processes with digital tools and technologias do develop a culture of Operational Excellence.
  • Harness the power of new technologies to optimise and automate operations while creating disruptive digital experiences. Develop the necessary skills to enable the sustainable growth of an organisation with a truly Digital Culture.

See how we have helped Business Services Professionals achieve cost savings and business growth:

Kaizen Institute's approach is practical, pragmatic and collaborative. We work with our customers, in their gemba - where the action takes place - and observe the opportunities first-hand. By implementing innovative solutions through KAIZEN™ Events, we leverage the key performance indicators.

We can help you define and refine your Strategy and develop the Leadership capabilities you need to execute on your breakthrough initiatives.

The contribution of the teams is key for the success of any Cultural Transformation. We organise our customers' teams to break functional silos and develop continuous improvement skills.

Our experts combine deep expertise in process manufacturing with refined analytical and problem solving skills, bringing an external and fact-based perspective to industry's challenges and opportunities.

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