Advancing Assembly Manufacturing with KAIZEN™

Manpower intensive, the assembly industry has always seen labour productivity and raw materials cost as the rules of the game. Today, the challenge is not only to be efficient, but also to adopt a customer centric model.

Pressure is mounting for producers to enhance global brand awareness and deliver customised healthy/environmentally-friendly products in an agile and reliable supply chain. Technology is taking care of our lives which brings opportunities to transform the business and deliver great products and services.

At Kaizen Institute, we work side-by-side with industry leaders to advance their manufacturing processes and systems.

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  • Boost Marketing by defining go-to-market strategies and providing teams with the right tools and processes to capture, nurture and convert customers on a global scale.
  • To meet customer needs and desires, it is vital to listen to their voice and improve the Value Proposition for products, services, customer experience and brand.
  • Make sure that your strategy, operations and value proposition do not simply address Sustainability concerns, but maximise the opportunities they present.
  • Become a true partner for retailers and B2B customers, helping Sales manage key accounts more effectively than ever.
  • Go Digital, combining the toolboxes of automation, digital information and advanced analytics to transform your operations and differentiate your offer.
  • Reduce the complexity of your Operations by implementing breakthrough management models, such as just in time, one-piece flow and pull planning to increase efficiency, effectiveness and customer service.

See how we have helped manufacturers achieve cost savings and business growth:

Kaizen Institute's approach is practical, pragmatic and collaborative. We work with our customers, in their gemba - where the action takes place - and observe the opportunities first-hand. By implementing innovative solutions through KAIZEN™ Events, we leverage the key performance indicators.

We can help you define and refine your Strategy and develop the Leadership capabilities you need to execute on your breakthrough initiatives.

The contribution of the teams is key for the success of any Cultural Transformation. We organise our customers' teams to break functional silos and develop continuous improvement skills.

Our experts combine deep expertise in process manufacturing with refined analytical and problem solving skills, bringing an external and fact-based perspective to industry's challenges and opportunities.

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